The Energy Minister thinks soil-cement is environmental friendly

Miriam Dalli. Super ONE journalist and Minister of Energy.

You would think they would take a break so as not to immediately expose their total stupidity when they enter the office. But no, already, Energy Minister Miriam Dalli is reassuring us she is the right woman for the job. A Super ONE hack and Labour propagandist who is now the Minister of Energy thinks that soil-cement is environmentally friendly. I am not making this up.

The government attempted to turn a space in Mosta into a public garden and they ruined it by flooding it with concrete. Apparently, this is a good idea according to Energy Minister Miriam Dalli because the cement is mixed with soil.

In Maltese we say something along the lines of “Patri, Spirtu, s-Santi” or something like that. Do you know the exact line? Please write it here in the comments box.

They can’t even make a public park without ruining it. They can’t even tell the difference between soil and cement. They are hilarious, to say the least. And you think that these people will solve the myriad of crises we have? They won’t, They are just making fools of themselves while they destroy the country and ruin society.

We are truly fucked.

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