Our cultural institutions are a total mess

This is the Executive Chairman of the Arts Council a septuagenarian pro-Labour acolyte whose job is to ensure the extensive reach of Labour’s patronage and corruption in the arts. He is Albert Marshall and has been a favourite artist by the Labour top brass ever since the 1970s.

Here, he is seen presenting a copy of his book to the Chinese Cultural Ambassador to Malta. It’s not only that he is not ashamed to publicly extend his interests through his public role, but it’s the total stupidity of his behaviour pretending that he is doing cultural diplomacy. The event was all about exchanging books to each other’s respective useless libraries.

It’s diplomats who do diplomacy through cultural products. Culture executives are supposed to bring FDI, and increase revenues and exports to their stakeholders. Ask Arts Council Chairman Albert Marshall how much art he exported to China and how much FDI he brought to Malta from China. The answer is 0 because as head of the Arts Council, Albert Marshall is only good for spending your hard-earned tax money and that’s it.

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