Dean of Faculty of Arts supports Rosianne Cutajar

I just love it when things come together and people expose themselves for who they really are. This is Dominic Fenech, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and the Head of the History Department declaring he is happy for Rosianne Cutajar to have been elected to parliament despite all the “chauvinistic bullying” she received from many critics like myself.

As expected, a Labour victory at the polls consolidates Labour’s Orwellian discourse and its corruption, and by now they are not even ashamed of publicly defending criminals and the corrupt allies of Joseph Muscat’s cabal.

Ask yourself this. How deeply embedded is rent-seeking and political corruption at the University of Malta if the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and the Head of the History Department is publicly not ashamed to support a MP who not only took bribes but also militated in defence of criminals like Yorgen Fenech and the government’s corruption? Such instances of pro-mafia public declarations by pseudo-university-intellectuals are rare even in Banana Republics.

Here’s a proposal for Dominic who reads my blog. If you are so keen on seeing Rosianne elected to Parliament, why don’t you ask her to be one of her defendants in the libel case she instituted against me? Maybe you can explain to your audience why outing a MP who had an intimate relationship with an alleged murderer who bribed her, constitutes “chauvinistic bullying”.

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