Young, dumb and full of crap

It is obvious to any reasonable person that young people should not be in parliament and I consider anyone who votes for eighteen-year-olds in a general election as the equivalent of a Ġaħan or having made a serious error of judgement.

I understand very well that Labour has crashed our political standards to all-time lows and we don’t expect much from our MPs. We have been beset with so much incompetence, fraud, stupidity and corruption that we mostly think of members of parliament as rent-seekers who dish out favours to constituents. One of the Opposition’s main points for change was supposed to raise our parliamentary standards, yet PN is also contributing to lowering these standards even still.

Eve Borg Bonnello is the youngest and dumbest politician in history. An 18-year old who is against the decriminalisation of abortion and who also thinks that abortion is a “contraceptive” has been elected to parliament on PN’s ticket.

When an eighteen-year-old has pretensions to sit in parliament, that means the eighteen-year-old either doesn’t understand what politics is all about or either the kid is just a young psychopath. I don’t think Eve Borg Bonnello is a psychopath, because she strikes me as a young, pretentious, dumb kid prone to rent-seeking and corruption. Her ideas are horrendous and her knowledge of anything wordily us of course abysmal. Her misconstrued and misinformed ideas about abortion are a testament to why young people should not be in parliament. The only reason why young people can be of any value in parliament is to push the conservative boundaries of their conservative peers, and by showing us that she is as conservative as her peers, Eve Borg Bonnello is practically telling us that she is totally useless in parliament.

Parliament needs engineers, scientists, mathematicians, historians, professional chess players, capitalists, industrialists and self-made men and women. Parliament does not need pretentious young kids who want to share their opinion or “contribute to society”. Goodwill and good intentions are not enough. In order to be able to make a good and valuable contribution to parliament, you have to have a long history of work experience and vast knowledge of local and wordily affairs because without that you will not be able to apply yourself. On the other hand, it is also good to point out that although lawyers can be useful in parliament they are not as useful as engineers. Lawyers make good civil servants for drafting laws that engineers and scientists can ask for, but lawyers themselves are not good policy-makers (however, this is a point for another thread).

I’m 34 and I feel too young for a position in parliament. Here’s my advice to young people from a young man who has seen it all and lives the life of a retired man in the country watching films in black and white.

– Read as many good books as you can, especially Dickens, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Marx, Hegel, Adam Smith, Hayek, Kafka, Wittgenstein and much more.

– Work in many different jobs as you can even if you don’t need the money. Do hard and laborious jobs such as catering and factory work.

– Travel as much as you can not to enjoy yourself, but rather to see and experience how other people live, especially the poor working classes.

– Enjoy yourself.

– Dedicate yourself to a project from start to finish, such as building a tree-house or a woodshed, restoring an old car or motorcycle, fixing an engine, sew a dress and more.

– Have sex with multiple partners before you dedicate yourself to a monogamous relationship. Explore your sexuality too and remove your inhibitions. If you are sexless when you are young, you may have a serious crisis by the time you are 40.

– Learn how to play chess, poker and possibly bridge. Play with tough players who will beat you all the time.

– Learn about the basics of risk and at least once in your life go to a casino and gamble some money you afford to lose.

– Learn about the stock market and crypto-currency and buy something you like and believe in.

– Sell something and start a business or trade. Don’t necessarily look for success, but instead do it to learn and experiment.

– Do voluntary work with at least one organization of your choice which is not political, such as helping people with disabilities, refugees, old people in poverty and other vulnerable people.

–  Be active in politics, but don’t contest the general election – you are too young and dumb for that. Be in a position to learn and listen instead of talking. Focus on basic issues which you can grasp really well.

– Learn and speak different languages.

– Live in an underdeveloped country for some time. You are not going to have new life-changing experiences if you live in Brussels or Luxembourg – that’s too easy.

– If you are a man, you have even more options because you can go to many more places without fear of sexual harassment or rape. Do a Fight Club and travel penniless to an underdeveloped country.

– Above all, learn and listen to people, especially the old. Listen to as many stories as you can and keep an open mind.

Hint – you can’t do all of the above if you are in parliament. Eve Borg Bonnello will grow into a sordid conservative prick, hallow, shallow, dumb and useless like many of her peers in parliament.



  1. What does one know of life at 18? 100%agree. Young,ambitious and maybe thinking she can make a change….snowflake generation unfortunately

  2. Thanks for that Mark.Perpetuating the same old conservative line is precicely what the PN should be keeping away from .This pip-squeak is just out of diapers and already is so adamant about progressive issues that most of the world have dealt with long ago. Granted that the USA is currently going through some challenging times with abortion but FFS, Malta needs to ditch this archaic religious attitude .

  3. Mark, I usually enjoy reading your contributions and many times find myself in agreement to what you write albeit not being a Marxist myself. However on this issue I strongly believe you are being very unfair with regards to Eve especially when you say ‘Eve Borg Bonnello is a psychopath, because she strikes me as a young, pretentious, dumb kid prone to rent-seeking and corruption’. It is unfair because you clearly do not know the person nor the background she originates from. Furthermore if 16 year olds are allowed to vote then why should it be unreasonable to have this sector of the population represented in Parliament too. We should encourage young people to enter politics and not shun them away. This comment is uncalled for as well ‘ Eve Borg Bonnello will grow into a sordid conservative prick, hallow, shallow, dumb’. Is it so difficult not to offend people who have the courage to stand up to be counted… Keep well always

  4. Mark normalment naqbel mieghek imma llum mhuniex.
    X’gara mill-idea progressiva li z-zghazagh jinvolvu ruhhom fil-politika? Kieku waqaft li INTI ma taqbilx li eta zghira tkum MP, forsi nibda nifhmek. Li tghajjar “dumb” mhux accettabbli. Int tistudja l-istorja. Allura taf li diga fil-parlament taghna kien hemm zghazagh fuq iz-zewg nahat li kienu ghadom l-Universita meta gew eletti (ez: Josie Muscat). Taf kemm ikkontribwixxew mill-parlament u barra. Li zgur hija mhux accettabbli hi li nies bhalek jippretendu li haddiehor ifassal il-hajja bhal tieghek biss inkella jkun “dumb”! Bir -ragunar tieghek insibu xi mara tat-triq li tkun “tahdem” hafna u nelegguha. Hekk gara fil-Gappun wara l-gwerra meta saru l-ewwel elezzjonijiet demokratici. Li tghajjar ghax hajjithom hija ornata, xhur mhux accettabbli.
    Eve tista tkun il-vuci vera taz-zghazagh maltin kif jistghu ukoll ikunu MPs godda ta vicin l-eta taghha.

  5. We need a political college for those elected in Parliament. Learning through experience alone is not good enough as a week in politics is a very long time, imagine five years of damage control.

    Very young people do not know what dealing with life is all about, the failures, the betrayals, the incompetency to address serious matters on behalf of one’s constituents, one’s party, one’s nation.

    The issue of abortion is best left to those who have thought it through and through and formed an independent and informed opinion, not someone who needs to please her parents and grandparents.

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