Welcome to Dumbistan

With a government that can’t strategically import animal feed at low prices to sustain the sheep and cheeslet industry, you can rest assured that the government has your back in case of a global food crisis. Importing animal feed at low prices is one of the easiest challenges we have right now, but they can’t even go around it. Imagine if the global food crisis hits us hard.

We have the government we deserve: a clique of ragged ruffians, rent-seekers, outright criminals and total idiots who have absolutely no idea what’s going on in the world and with no practical experience to solve even the slightest of problems. Then we have a couple of adults in the room who are the exception. The agricultural minister, Anton Refalo has excelled in life by flipping and hoarding properties, yet he can’t solve a problem that is easily addressed with strategic work. It makes you wonder how much business acumen did you need to get rich off Maltese property when prices were dirt cheap and you had ample access and opportunities for rent-seeking and outright corruption.

Meanwhile, Aaron Farrugia, Minister of Infrastructure is showing you his cooking skills while world leaders discuss the global food crisis. They are not even like children. They are worse than children. Total buffoons.

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