PN has four engineers in parliament. Labour has none.

Mark-Anthony Sammut. One of PN's four engineers in parliament.

At a time when more than ever we need people in parliament who actually know how things work, Labour has elected once again into its parliamentary group a ragged group of ruffians who, when excluding the exceptional adults like Chris Fearne, their experience and knowledge would add up to nothing. There was a time when Joseph Muscat could flaunt Edward Scicluna and Konrad Mizzi around and pretend to have a very sophisticated cabinet of ministers. Robert Abela has a cabinet which at best is laughable and ridiculous. The Minister of Finance was the mayor of Zabbar and his only work experience consisted mainly of signing papers and permits at the Jobs+ Agency. The Minister of Energy is literally a ONE propagandist.

At best, this ragged band of ruffians is laughable, but the reality is that these people will control the future of the country. It’s a tragedy but the ruin of our country is projected and celebrated by Labour as “progressive”: such as raising house prices to levels that are unaffordable to new market entrants, ruining the environment, abolishing agriculture, destroying rule of law, making a mockery out of democracy, taking over public institutions and much more. It’s all “progress”.

Meanwhile, PN has elected in its parliamentary group 4 engineers in total.


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