Varist is still on a script

Oh come off it, Varist. You are no longer a member of parliament, let alone a minister, so you can afford to be more truthful and honest. How excruciating to see you still giving interviews on a script despite the fact you have exited politics.

Look, this is actually a post in Varist’s favour. It is a critical post for sure, but it will put him in good light. Not that I am happy to do this. I actually have serious personal and historical problems with this man. However, I also understand that sometimes I need to let go of my personal biases to tell history as it is and not as I want it to be.

Many people are criticizing Varist for not doing enough to stop Joseph Muscat and his cabal. They are wrong. Varist did all that he could and he not only told Joseph Muscat that Keith and Konrad should resign – Varist actually conspired against Joseph Muscat and was also the unofficial leader of the Labour rebel group. He and Edward were the oldest members of the rebels and together they provided a cautious and conservative approach to their conspiracy, but it was definitely a conspiracy nonetheless. Joseph Muscat knew about this all along and this is why he wanted to remove Varist from power, first by nominating him as President of the Republic and then by bringing up the excuse that a politician should not do a third term as minister.

And Varist also contemplated really hard about Marlene Farrugia’s motion of no confidence on Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri. Varist even asked us, his fellow comrades and friends back then, whether it made sense to vote in favour of Marlene’s motion. I was one of those who advised him against it because that would have meant his purge from the Party along with all of us without having the desired and intended effect.

Varist is an old-time veteran of the Labour Party. He never accepted the fact that he had to leave the Party he had worked so hard for many years because Joseph Muscat was corrupting it. Rightly so, Varist thought that it should be Joseph Muscat to leave and not him. ħ

I have made strong criticism of Varist’s performance as Minister of Foreign Affairs – his brief stint was a disaster of huge proportions. His term as Minister of Education was incredibly successful. His contribution and work to the Party was invaluable. I still have serious problems with this guy, but truth has no preferences nor emotions. These are facts.

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