Russian psychopathy in full display

The Russians have mastered their skills in spreading subtle propaganda through Europe’s intellectual circles, universities, book fairs, the left and other strategic places. In addition, the Russians have also excelled in another skill which is psychopathy. Their diplomats are all over social media, spreading disturbing messages, threats and untruths, but they are also keen to remind us of the beauty of Russia and its culture while they massacre civilians in Ukraine. It also reminds me of the Russian academic at the University of Malta complaining about the price of tampons for Russian women. Or, even better, the French-made Russian PR video “don’t hate Russians”.

Sure. Don’t hate us while our government runs its tanks in Ukrainian towns and massacres civilians and we stand here telling you about the beauty and sensibility of Russian culture and Russian people. It’s all a bit psychotic really, and literally insane. Insanity trickling down from the Kremlin which is willingly accepted by many Russians openly. It is also the same insanity that alludes to the to that “NATO provoked us”.

Russian diplomats who are indulging in the current psychotic propaganda activities are also guilty of supporting a government that is committing war crimes and they should not be tolerated “for doing their job”. Keep in mind that these diplomats are well-paid, drive fancy cars and have ample means and resources to abscond if they wanted to. They participate in their government’s psychopathy knowingly and willingly that they are doing something wrong unless they genuinely support their government in which case they are also guilty.

So, tell me again, why this was a good idea.

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