Another reason why Frank Fabri should not be reinstated

So, Labour’s top brass will promote Frank Fabri once again to another job despite the fact that he has been referred for a criminal investigation by the Standards Commission. Labour has waited for elections to end so as to be able to scurry this crook back into government ranks.

Here is another reason why Frank Fabri should not be reinstated.

Frank Fabri’s signature on Justyne Cruana’s corrupt contract to her boyfriend was not just an error of judgment or a lapsus made out of political pressure.

Frank Fabri is corrupt and he has made sure to cover up a lot of corruption by fellow bureaucrats so that he appeases special interest groups and leverages his opponents. There is also a perfect case that explains Frank’s corruption by cover-up, omission and appeasement.

When Frank wanted to take over the Ministry of Education, he did so by exploiting the weaknesses of several directors and officials who were corrupt. By removing them from the way, he cleared the path to take over the Ministry as Permanent Secretary. He did this, gradually and slowly. After taking out his adversaries without showing his hand, Frank would then appease them by giving these corrupt officials a helping hand with a safe exit. One of these corrupt officials was Andre Vassallo Grant who was caught pilfering stipends money into his personal accounts. After Evarist Bartolo fired Vassallo Grant in 2014 and asked his officials to take any action by referring the case to the police, Frank instead covered-up for him and Andre Vassallo Grant was able to take up a job at a Church-run institution. Frank Fabri went on to absorb Andre Vassallo’s grant office and became the Director of Operations at the Ministry.

Frank Fabri is a corrupt and incompetent bureaucrat. He has no business working for the government once again. We should start demanding the basic and the obvious out of our government and demanding that corrupt and incompetent people should not work for the government is ultra basic. I even wonder whether Frank Fabri should have the right to go back to school teaching children. I think there are laws that prohibit several classes of criminals from getting a teaching job.


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