The rent-seeking paradise has a demographic problem

Correction. The guy at the head of the table is previous magistrate Antonio Micallef Trigona and not Anton Depasquale. Ironically, not a very different kind of animal as he has allegedly retired from work with a large backlog of pending court cases.

The rent-seeking regime regenerates itself demographically and economically and it needs various new entrants to sustain it. There may always be new Joseph Muscats (corrupt and criminal political leaders), Yorgen Fenechs (in business with corrupt political leaders), Carol Peraltas (ex-judge and criminal lawyer of corrupt politicians with extensive contacts), and new Miriam Dallis (the political apparatchik who covers up for corrupt criminal leaders). Nonetheless, I’m also convinced that there is an ever-increasing number of young people who don’t want to participate in this corrupt system of friends of friends, wheeling and dealing style of business and politics.

This is Carol Peralta, the freemason and ex-judge and Konrad Mizzi’s lawyer dining with other members of the rent-seeking paradise. The guy in the front-right of the photo is Lino Farrugia (Tal-Options), father of Daniel Farrugia and Rosianne Cutajar’s boyfriend. The guy on the fourth seat on the left side of the table (glasses and pink shirt) is Frank Galea, a previous ambassador who also happens to be a member of the Grand Lodge of Malta with Peralta. The guy at the head of the table is the previous judge Anton Depasquale who was put for impeachment for refusing to do his job for a total of seven years, only to be defended by Labour when it was still in Opposition. Then there is Jean Paul Sammut, CEO of Polidano Group, seen hugging Trattoria Da Pippo’s owner Francesco Cutajar. Interestingly, Frank Galea’s daughter, Vanessa is married to the son of Ninu Fenech of Tumas Group, Matthew Fenech.

There are many young people who aspire to grow up like these “well-connected friends” and do business and politics through the world of dinner tables and groomed contacts. Then there is the other opposing trend of young people who would rather turn their back and flee with all their might at the sight of such a table of “friends”. New entrants in this kind of society are like Rosianne Cutajar – someone who desperately wants their genes, their attention and their money due to problems of low self-esteem and lack of courage in making it on her own. I am on the side of those who are running away as far as I can from this kind of society. I am also betting that eventually, there won’t be enough Rosianne Cutajars interested in growing up to join this society of losers who can’t feed themselves unless they have some sort of patronage both politically or economically.



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