Corrupt politician and crook Rosianne Cutajar was in court today complaining that I am taunting her

So, today, Rosianne Cutajar went to court once again to complain that last October, I taunted her online as I was writing about the story of her intimate relationship with Yorgen Fenech.

I wasn’t present at the hearing. I am abroad. Most probably, I will stay abroad for some time, so I think there is 0 probability I will go to Valletta any time soon to explain to the court why Rosianne Cutajar is a crook who did illicit business with another crook – it’s the police who should be doing that job.

Since Rosianne doesn’t have the possibility to file a report for criminal libel, she is instead of saying she has been taunted and harassed online.

Jaħasra. Miskina. She is being taunted. It wasn’t enough that she took a bribe from a corrupt businessman accused of murdering a journalist. Neither was it enough that she took this bribe to defend this said businessman both in the Maltese parliament and the Council of Europe. She would like to stay in politics, now, and even run a ministry, but don’t remind her she is a corrupt politician who deserves to be in jail and don’t even mention her past story about Yorgen Fenech. You know that women don’t like speaking about ex-boyfriends, that’s inappropriate.

She has also filed a libel case, separate from this report which I assume is going to be very interesting. The current criminal case has a punishment equivalent to a contravention, yet, it is still bizarre that all of this is taking place while Rosianne is still in politics instead of behind bars. Justice is so perverted and crazy in Malta that impunity reigns and freedom of speech are suppressed. I have the privilege to comfortably remove myself from the entanglements of a corrupt State. Rosianne is part of the Joseph Muscat cabal and her lawyer, Edward Gatt, is also one of the prime lawyers of this cabal having regularly defended Keith Schembri as well. This is the same cabal that murdered a journalist and practically got away with it. I rather die than play a game on their own terms with a State that backs them and supports them. Never again.

Kiss my glorious Marxist ass Rosianne.



    • Possibly. But knowing the way things work, if Parliament did shrink, the bad apples would remain and we’d simply end up with a higher concentration of bad apples. No?

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