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Apologies for the brief silence. Unlike the Nationalist Party, I am not going through an existential crisis. I’m at The London for the Book Fair catching up with friends and stuff and I have also been having a very good time. The Nationalists are busy are reorganising themselves and contemplating new plans, however, my plans remain the same and most of what has happened and is still unfolding is going as predicted. I did not, however, expect the Nationalists to lose even more votes and I also wrote about that in a previous article.

These were my thoughts which I threw at my readers ad nauseam in my articles.

1. Labour’s top was during Joseph Muscat and is now in decline. Robert Abela is much less popular compared to Joseph Muscat as Prime Minister.

2. Labour will consolidate its power over public institutions and the downward spiral in rule of law will continue.

3. Labour’s extravagance in public spending will continue and will remain a major causative factor to economic growth – this will in turn increase the hidden risks exponentially.

4. Justice for Daphne will not be an issue for the government if, the alleged mastermind, Yorgen Fenech, is found guilty.

5. The Joseph Muscat cabal has been protected.

6. Police Commissioner Angela Gafa will have to answer the question of why in his three years in office, he hasn’t cracked even one serious case of corruption. How can this be possible? Or has he been keeping us waiting for a big surprise?

7. Edward Żammit-Lewis and Rosianne Cutajar have been elected. This was expected too because why wouldn’t they be re-elected? Robert Abela celebrated corruption by putting these idiots at the forefront of his cabinet and politics.

8. Our international reputation will keep getting decimated and we will flirt with pariah status. Our international standing does not exist any longer: metaphorically, we are lying dead in the ground. No one takes us seriously abroad and the Prime Minister is not connected to anyone, while his political allies, like Pedro Sanchez, have problems at home so insurmountable that risk getting voted out of office with an electorate seeking new solutions. Emmanuel Macron doesn’t seem to have a serious problem with getting re-elected, but Macron is not forthcoming to the Labour government as he used to be prior to our crisis in 2019. After 2019 Malta also increased its cooperation with Turkey along with our maritime border in Libya, something which the French saw with a lot of suspicion. Basically, Malta stands very much alone in the world with very few friends. Recently, our behaviour and our position with regards to our golden passport scheme have become literally clownish. While Europe is preoccupied with the serious security threats that passport sales schemes may pose to Europe, the Maltese government is speaking to the European Commission in the language of village politics. This is hilarious if it wasn’t scary. Think of that child in the Simpsons who naively thinks everything will be ok but eventually gets fucked (the child of the police chief). Our political leaders are reckless and grossly irresponsible.

9. The clampdown on freedom of speech will continue. We will see continued harassment of authors, journalists, and coordinated campaigns by Labour media to discredit journalists.

10. Labour’s largesse will decrease with economic problems, further political strife and new political actors coming into the political scene. Basically, we know that there are the numbers for an alternative government – the only challenge is to mobilise these people. Once these people mobilised, Labour will be out of office.

The cabinet is also a perfect testament to all of this. First, we have a Justice Minister who is literally a Labour propagandist. This is how democracy and rule of law keeps getting kicked over and over again with its aggressors trying to kick its life out of it until it is dead. Meanwhile, the rule of law is only saved by its allies who are trying to constrain the aggressors with all their limitations, despite the fact that the aggressor is physically stronger than the restrainer and can’t be pulled away completely from proverbially kicking the rule of law. Jonathan Attard, makes for a farce of a Justice Minister, or rather a tragic-like aggressive figure masquerading as an idiot with good intentions. I will not write it here, but if you are literate enough you know where I’m going with this. Yes, he’s like that to the rule of law metaphor – someone who should not even get near it let alone manages it (if I write it, ONE will probably twist it against me). I’m not exaggerating. I’ll tell you why. Don’t worry.

Jonathan Attard is one of those idiots who amongst his friends celebrated Daphne’s murder with songs and drink. He is the kind of opportunist who is not in politics because he actually believes in something, he just serves the Party religiously. He is not read at all, and he is far removed from rule of law concepts, apart from knowing no classical languages, neither Latin, Greek nor Hebrew. The guy is literally a propagandist and a Party servant. Ask the question, why would such an ill-educated propagandist be placed as Justice Minister if not to degrade justice and the rule of law itself? So, indeed, many things are happening just as I have imagined them.

Then you have Owen Bonnici who has been given the culture ministry once again along with the public broadcaster. Under Owen Bonnici, the culture ministry was used as the personal account of Labour propagandists and apparatchiks such as Mario Philip Azzopardi who in turn produced ingratiating artworks to their masters and the government. Owen Bonnici’s culture ministry was a regular contributor to cronies and outright nepotism with jobs and funds being dished out to people in return for votes and favours to the Party. Jason Micallef, the popular Labour Party bully who is also the chairman of the Party’s propaganda TV station, is also a government culture executive who has facilitated the drain of public funds to the Party cronies.  It was under Bonnici’s helm that Jason Micallef vilified and mocked Daphne Caruana Galizia in public after she was murdered. Now, Bonnici will also ensure that the public broadcaster keeps a tough pro-government line, even to the extent of being ridiculous and visceral. Owen Bonnici was also the Minister of Justice who covered up for Joseph Muscat and his friends when clearly there was damning evidence that Joseph Muscat’s friends, namely Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri were involved in massive corruption. It was Owen Bonnici’s Attorney-General, Peter Grech who told the police to go easy on Brian Tonna.

I apologise if I am rubbing it in and sort of telling you, I told you so. This is a shambles of a cabinet and a shambles of a government. There is no good news so far. We are still in the dark over our energy policy. Still in the dark over the eventual outcomes in our public finances after this year’s changes due to the Russian war. In addition, the government is also planning to attempt closure over Daphne’s murder and the rule of law. Slowly, and gradually the government is trying to sweep these monumental aspects under the carpet and move on without addressing them. This means that the mafia would eventually have won after having sacrificed some of its members such, as potentially, Yorgen Fenech.

We are already in the autocratic stage. Our Prime Minister is an autocrat. The cabinet of ministers is composed of apparatchiks and propagandists. Long gone are the days when you had self-made men in the cabinet – now there is only Chris Fearne like that. Their goal is to stay in power and preserve the rent-seeking regime: the illegal economy which sustains the Party and which is in turn sustained by public corruption. Total suppression of justice and hegemony over the media landscape. The abolishment of critical voices and total take-over of public institutions.

There are no surprises in Humble Town.

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