How the Nationalist Party was sabotaged by Labour

There seems to be a substantial number of votes cast in the 7th and 8th districts which have voted Labour as first preference and then gave their second preference to Adrian Delia. It seems that we have concrete evidence of how Adrian Delia is liked by Labourites, or it can also be evidence for the theory that Labour Party media is influencing Nationalist voters. I think the latter is very true.

Adrian Delia shot to fame and won the PN leadership race in 2017 with the massive and constant backing of the Labour Party and its propaganda apparatus. Until this very day, Labour propaganda outlets pour praise over Adrian Delia while simultaneously scorning the “Blue Heroes” who ousted him from PN leader. This has been a remarkable story of deceit, conspiracy and sabotage which has yet to be told. First of all, we have to understand, why Adrian Delia is potentially a good candidate for Labour as PN’s Trojan Horse.

Adrian Delia ran for the Nationalist leadership in 2017 with a hardline conservative agenda. Until this day, the Nationalist Party still has a large group of members and constituents who are staunchly Catholic and deride Malta’s march towards more civil liberties such as divorce, gay marriage, decriminilisation of abortion and more. However, this is a demographic which is rapidly decreasing in our society and is in fact smaller compared to the majority group of voters who have become more liberal. Basically, although it is important for the Nationalist Party to keep their conservative constituents, moving towards the direction of such politics would spell electoral suicide – you can’t go against the demographic and political trend.

However, most importantly, Delia was very useful for Joseph Muscat and his cabal since he was very reluctant to support strong measures against money laundering and criminal association with politics given his shady past as a lawyer. Adrian Delia was alleged to have been a front for criminals who laundered money earned from illegal prostitution rings in Soho, London. It’s as if Labour have their ally in PN with regards to their policy on rule of law: total disregard and omission of justice. Adrian Delia has another reason why he wouldn’t want financial authorities to be tough on politicians about their finances. Throughout his career, Adrian Delia raked up so much debt that it seemed as if he was at risk of bankruptcy, and adding to his financial woes is his separation court case. It was incredible how Adrian Delia was elected PN leader despite having a barrage of financial problems which could potentially bankrupt him. There are two problems with this. Firstly, a man who has a history of financial wreckage is obviously not ideal to lead the government. Secondly, a politician who has insurmountable financial problems will obviously be tempted to use politics as leverage to address these problems. Obviously, and clearly, Adrian Delia is not fit to be in a position of power. Then why does Labour keep supporting him?

Adrian Delia may be elected in two districts and achieve much wider electoral success than his adversaries inside PN, but the reality is, that in the grand scheme of things, Adrian Delia’s politics will never bring the Nationalist Party into office again. Labour’s enthusiasm to prop up Adrian Delia at the expense of other Nationalist MPs is because his political success is not in fact in the interest of the PN. Indeed, Adrian Delia even clamped down on the Nationalists who were most consistent in their fight against corruption and the Joseph Muscat cabal. Naturally, Simon Busuttil was Adrian Delia’s main target and by silencing his fight against corruption, Adrian Delia delivered Joseph Muscat a remarkable victory. Basically, Adrian Delia neutralized one of Joseph Muscat’s strongest and fiercest critics. How more obvious can it get that Adrian Delia is Labour’s useful tool? Therefore, it came as no surprise to us that in the historic crisis of 2019 when civil society and the Labour rebels were fighting for the nation’s survival by demanding Joseph Muscat’s immediate resignation, Adrian Delia played little part in this important moment of history as Leader of Opposition. In fact, the Leader of the Opposition had no significance at all in the 2019 crisis.

There is also a very important factor to consider which makes this story even more remarkable. When Adrian Delia contested the Nationalist Party leadership, it was obvious to us Labour delegates and insiders that the office of the Prime Minister, back then with Joseph Muscat at the helm, had ordered ONE and the public broadcaster to back Adrian Delia. Talk about Keith Schembri sabotaging the Nationalist Party was common. The propaganda in Adrian Delia’s favour was consistent and repeated. And the architect of this Trojan Horse was no other than Keith Schembri who had already successfully sabotaged The Times of Malta through the corrupt CEO of Allied Press, Adrian Hilman. Keith Schembri also had various informants which linked him to Delia, one of whom I had also previously mentioned.

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