The ultimate symbol of this election

Edward Żammit Lewis, the corrupt Minister of Justice who called his constituents Ġaħan (the Maltese folk version of the village idiot), has been elected once again.

People who voted for Edward Żammit Lewis can’t defend themselves by arguing “elitism” if they are called absolute idiots. There are many more idiots than those who voted for Zammit Lewis and these are the kind of scoundrels who would very well justify murder in the name of their government.

When the Prime Minister asks for national unity, he is asking for an autocratic state because, in a country with a rule of law, Edward Zammit Lewis may very well be in jail for criminal association and bribery and not celebrating his reflection.

Daphne’s words still ring true to this very day: There are crooks everywhere you look now. The situation is desperate.

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