The golden passport scheme is being shut down (by the EU Commission)

In hindsight, joining the European Union was a literal life-saver for us. The Maltese government engrossed in its village insularity can’t do the right thing, so in case of emergency, we have the European Union.

The golden passport schemes are to be shut down all over Europe, because indeed, it is clear by now, to all those who have just a little bit of grey matter that these schemes pose a serious national security risk. Our government couldn’t do the right thing right away because our politicians can’t understand the world we live in. Robert Abela barely understands how his country’s economy works, let alone what is going on outside his own country. Our Prime Minister even defended the sale of Maltese passports to Russian oligarchs on the grounds that we due “the best due diligence”.

Scary times indeed for Malta. It’s like we haven’t even hit the bottom, yet.

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