There can be no national unity with political criminals

As the world burns trust these people to save you.

Contrary to what Prime Minister Robert Abela is saying, there is no national unity and there can never be national unity under his rule. Almost half of the population has voted against a criminal government and the restoration of rule of law, yet this is exactly the opposite of what Robert Abela stands for. In Robert Abela’s world, “national unity” means that we all have to accept criminality in politics and the omission of justice. We can disagree in many different ways but there can never be national unity when the politicians who abetted the murder of a journalist and ran extensive corrupt schemes are covered and protected by the government. The divisions in society will only grow more fierce as Robert Abela keeps doing what he has been doing so far: covering up for corrupt politicians and even rewarding them further.

Expect another exodus of the youths from those who have become disheartened and lost all hope. Labour Party propagandists are repeating over and over again that this was a “European election”. Their insecurity in making sure to say so stems from the fact that everyone and even themselves are able to witness Malta descending into an autocracy. And they are also accepting of it: the corruption, the clampdown on free speech, the total control of public institutions and the total disrespect to rule of law. We are slowly becoming more like a Turkish or a Russian democracy than a European one.


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