The Executive Chairman of the National Book Council shows his support to authors

This is the current Executive Chairman of the National Book Council disparaging me in public saying “I don’t care about that exiled guy”. He is a political appointee who has no experience working in the book industry and is also my namesake, having been placed selectively into the entity that I built from scratch to bury my legacy.

I am not taking offence at his remarks. He is a little worm whose feet are too small for my shoes. I get much worse on a daily basis.

I’m showing this only as an example of how our democracy is collapsing with the take-over of our public institutions by criminals and rent-seekers under an autocratic system.

This is the context. I am currently, Malta’s best-selling author and therefore, by law, I am a major stakeholder of the National Book Council. The Executive Chairman of the National Book Council is by law obliged to protect and defend my interests. I have also published journalistic work and investigations on known criminals in a country where a journalist was murdered for doing so.

Throughout my tenure, I built from the National Book Council a public entity that defends and celebrates authors and free speech. There may probably be no guesses why I was purged and replaced with a Labour Ġaħan. The entity is now just another bastion for rent-seeking and Labour propaganda.

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