A brief moment of freedom

By 2 pm Labour MP Jean Claude Micallef uploaded a message on Facebook panicking about the low turnout at the polls. Voter turnout by 2 pm was 44.75% which in Malta is considered a historic low. Voting continued until 10 in the evening. Top Labour officials seem to have shared his panic as they kept calling Labour members frantically to the last minute.

Labour’s panic today gave us a great sense of relief. It was a brief moment of freedom that relieved us from the criminal gang which is holding our public institutions hostage and suppressing free speech. A fleeting sense of freedom from the authoritarianism of opportunists, the criminals and the rent-seekers as they feared unemployment. It was great and beautiful. I can’t help but imagine how better this feeling could be if it was extended longer by another five years. It’s as if getting rid of Robert Abela and his corrupt allies from the Joseph Muscat cabal would bring our country back to normal and bring back a spirit of freedom, decency, respect, democracy – the best things which we teach our children but we don’t expect from our leaders. Indeed, getting rid of Robert Abela’s Labour is like  waking up from a nightmare and accepting truth which was previously denied to us by force and deception.

My agenda remains the same. Even 90,000 votes don’t make right from wrong.

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  1. Well low turnout may also be interpreted as:
    a significant number of voters using the system (their identification is disclosed to the PLPN), to inform “their” party/candidate that they are pissed off for not receiving the “favour” (generally abusive & undeserved) that they expected/demanded (be it a ‘job mal Gvern’ or an illogical permit etc.).
    The more corrupt a government/politician is perceived to be (let alone proved), the more the expectation of “entitlement” by such egoistically corrupt voters increases – in utter disregard of the supposedly checks & balances in place – leading to more outrageous egoistic demands, in a vicious circle that keeps digging us all in a deeper hole.
    The wilder the abuses disclosed – provided they are not eventually addressed by a fitting incarceration of the perpetrators (including politicians & civil servants) & revocation of the abusive privilege/permits – will also be the seed of an identical cancer that will eventually resurface even if there is a change in government

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