A 16-year old kid schools the kid in Castille

The Labour Party is concluding its most brazenly corrupt and dumbest electoral campaign in its history. Thanks to Robert Abela, Labour has disregarded all sense of decency and achieved new lows in standards by pushing the limits of what can be considered as corrupt practices to buy votes: sending out €100 cheques to people on the eve of the election, building a motor-racing track in prime industrial land, opening Sprint hunting once again and now lowering the entry requirements for the University of Malta Junior College.

I have consistently said both in my latest book and in my podcast with Jon Mallia that the young generations are becoming ever more critical and intelligent.

Here is a young 16-year old Junior College student schooling the so-called Prime Minister at Castille. It gives me great hope to see that young people are critical enough to see through the corruption of a government that wants to buy the loyalty of its people with gifts. At least we can hope that the young generations would eventually save us from this great banality.

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