Is lying about corrupt practices a criminal offense?

The Prime Minister is lying and shooting himself in the foot if he is excusing the cheques on the eve of the election with the Russian war on Ukraine since they were planned many weeks in advance and there is also a paper trail to prove this. I can’t understand how the Nationalist Party is a party of lawyers and none of these lawyers are ganging up to efficiently organize constant legal challenges to the rampant corruption of the government and the Prime Minister.

Dear me. The Maltese government is lucky I wasn’t a lawyer. The corruption of our government is so vast and extensive that even one single lawyer could raise hell, yet the current army of PN lawyers resemble a bunch of castrated schoolboys. In all fairness, and credit where credit is due, Simon Busuttil did rock the boat and start several high profile cases such as the Allied case which saw Keith Schembri and others imprisoned briefly. I may have been wrong about him in many aspects.

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