Why young people are useful in politics

In a recent article, I’ve written how young people should not be in politics. I find young people in politics extremely pretentious and insufferable. My fate in young politicians was lost with Silvio Schembri whose performance as Minister for the Economy transpired to be shallow, and indifferent: failing Blockchain Island, sticking to village politics during the worst economic crisis in Europe since the 1930s and lately also dishing out lucrative corrupt contracts. Young people are needed in politics to bring new ideas and convince adults to break off from their orthodox and traditional forms of thinking. They are not, however, good candidates to govern.

Indeed, the Labour Youth wing has a tradition of being the avant-guard of the Party, always promoting the most radical ideas and serving as literal political directors to party policy. They were also very efficiently organised. For example, the strongest party block during the Mintoff era was undoubtedly its youth block which was back then the most socialist-leaning block of the party. Under Joseph Muscat, the Labour Youths were also fierce radicals who pushed the limits of party policy. For a very long time, they also had a very independent and radical streak. They pushed for gay marriages and even adoption, decriminalization of cannabis and at one point in time even tried to introduce a policy in favour of the decriminalization of abortion. They were also strong allies in our campaign against censorship. In addition, the Labour Youth wing under Joseph Muscat was so organised and effective that Muscat himself viewed them with great suspicion. When he entered office in 2013 the top Labour youth leaders were delegated to peripheral government departments doing innocuous bureaucratic jobs so as to sterilise their potential for organised and collective criticism against his rule. Many of them spoke about their relegation openly. Under Robert Abela, the Labour Youth wing has evolved into a ridiculous and infantile propaganda machine vacuous of any ideological and political values.

Today, the irony is that the fire of revolt amongst the youth is far greater in the PN Youth wing than it is under Labour’s. And it is with great irony that PN youths have come out in favour of decriminalisation of abortion in much greater force and strength than Labour Youths who are busy licking the boots of their crooked and idiotic Prime Minister. One of these firebrands is Emma Portelli Bonnici who is contesting the 9th and 10th district on the PN ticket. She has received a lot of flak from clerics and even fellow PN members for her positions. “Satan’s spawn” they called her or something of that sort. I find that fiery and interesting. And I’d definitely vote for Satan’s spawn as in contrast to the young Labour propagandists who seem to have found a life calling in being castrated servants of their corrupt masters.


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