An election mired in abuses

Malta’s institutions and rule of law are collapsing at such a spectacular rate that we are entering a stage where even general elections are mired in abuses and irregularities. The Labour Party is rounding up people with mental disabilities who live at the government-run old people’s home of Saint Vincent De Paul and busing them to the polls accompanied by their functionaries. The Party functionaries would then join these persons in the polling booth to help them mark their vote.

These allegations are part of a long-running series of abuses made by the Labour Party in the run-up to the election. In fact, Labour inaugurated its election campaign with typical rent-seeking through the the Malta Film Awards – an event which did not distribute any real awards but was rather set up exclusively to pay off a Labour Party donor that regularly organizes its logistics, tents and platforms during election campaigns.

Then we had Labour’s outright abuse of public road signs by replacing them with its own political banners.

Also, recently allegations were made that Labour-leaning prisoners who are legally not allowed to vote, were allowed to vote, however, Nationalist-leaning prisoners were not allowed to vote.

So far we have had four kinds of alleged abuses: the use of the public infrastructure for Labour’s propaganda, the use of public funds to finance Labour’s electoral campaign, the abuse of people with mental challenges, and the irregularity with prisoners’ votes.

At this pace, Malta will be needing UN observers to ensure our election is free and fair.

Banana Republic, indeed.

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