These people should not be in power

As the date for the general election gets nearer, the electorate is becoming ever more tired of the election campaign. It seems that people would like to get it over and done with as soon as possible. What had to be said has been said already. Labour has also made it clear that it won’t give answers to many important questions. Labour still refuses to discuss energy policy in a serious way while the economic policy for the next years has been set on rent-seeking, subsidies and growing the public debt. The Prime Minister refuses to sit for interviews and debates and answer questions on his shady deals of the past. Labour is also trying to hide and normalise the current collapse of rule of law and refuses to even discuss it or acknowledge it. Corruption has been normalised and corrupt politicians are still in power.

There has probably never been a time in Malta’s post-Independence history when there have been so many people detached and alienated from political leaders. 60% of the Maltese youth want to leave the country (many have already left). A record number of votes have not been claimed.  This is the Robert Abela era of Government by Idiocracy where anything goes as long as the Prime Minister is cheered and stays on in power. It is a spectacular collapse of our institutions, our social fabric and our public finances, brought to us by the selfish pursuit of the vanity of Joseph Muscat’s useful tool. What is so fascinating about this is that many people are cheering the collapse of our institutions as a great success. Indeed, this is how nations die: not by being bombed by an external enemy, but by being eaten away from the inside by its criminal forces which consume it. The criminal capture of the State may be successful as long as the State may have enough money to pay for the interests groups which support it. However, we know by history that this is a tried and tested method for absolute and sure long-term failure. Robert Abela doesn’t care – he only lives day by day hoping to stay in power as much as he can before shit really hits the fan. By the time he leaves, we would have to sort out the mess he conjured with his criminal associates. Much time is being lost thanks to the idiots because indeed, they don’t just steal public money, they also steal our time which we need to dedicate to fix the mess they leave behind.

Idiotic rent-seeking opportunists

Robert Abela is from the class of politicians whom I call rent-seeking opportunists. These idiots don’t have any principles they adhere to, and they view their world only through their own selfish interests. Whatever they do in politics subscribes to their own interests and they will even go out of their way to abuse the system and public finances for personal gain. Some of these are Robert Abela, Robert Musumeci, Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, Karl Stagno Navarra, Ian Castaldi Paris, and many other Nationalist opportunists who switched Labour. Amongst them is Robert Abela and other Labourites like Michael Falzon who as previous Minister under Joseph Muscat’s administration, gave Mark Gaffarena a free property in Valletta and signed a €260 million contract with Labour donors over the upgrade of Saint Vincent De Paul Old People’s Home. Then there are their hangers-on like Andy Ellul, a previous police inspector who’s friends with all of the idiots mentioned above or the corrupt doctor Michael Farrugia who under Joseph Muscat was used as one of his tools having been, at one point in time, also Minister of the Interior. This class of politicians not only fails to contribute anything of value to our society, but they are also parasites: they either make a living and or gain riches by extension of their public work or are used as tools for their masters for the same reason – or they do both simultaneously.

Members of the Joseph Muscat cartel 

There is no coincidence that Joseph Muscat’s allies who are still in power are all corrupt and yet none of them has so far been taken to court. Rosianne Cutajar had an intimate relationship and took bribes from Yorgen Fenech in exchange for defending him in Parliament. Edward Zammit Lewis conspired with Yorgen Fenech and received gifts from him in the form of holidays. Then there are executives like Johann Buttigieg who enabled the rent-seeking boom in the construction industry as head of the Planning Authority (also tried to do business with Yorgen Fenech). Joseph Muscat still has leverage over his allies, apart from having leverage over the Prime Minister himself. We should consider them not only as useful tools and proxies but also as direct participants to corruption and members of a criminal organisation.

Unassuming members of the Joseph Muscat cartel

Owen Bonnici has been quite pissed at having been demoted from a senior minister by Robert Abela to peripheral and useless ministerial roles. He feels quite a strong regret about Joseph Muscat leaving office and harbours a lot of resentment to his new leader. He was also found to have breached the human rights of protestors by Maltese courts for sweeping up Daphne’s memorial in front of the law courts. He’s also completely incompetent.

Politicians accused of serious crimes

Carmelo Abelo, a Minister under the Office of the Prime Minister is being accused of being part of a bank heist. Apparently, this is normal in our country.

People who do nothing in their life except for public life: career politicians

Just please leave. Politics is not a place for you to make a career out of it.

People who use politics to create private careers

Minister of Finances Clyde Caruana told us that politicos are only a transitory stage in his career until he goes to the private industry. This is literally pure and explicit-in-your-face-rent-seeking.

Super One Propagandists

Miriam Dalli is the Minister of Energy and hasn’t told us yet how will Malta procure its energy supplies for the next five years. She is however very keen to cover up all of Malta’s natural land with solar panels.

Young people

You are supposed to do something with your life to prove to us that you are worthy of leading us. Don’t become another Alex Saliba or Josianne Cutajar: Labour MEPs picked up by the leadership to follow party-line. These young people will have spent their lives working for corrupt masters, doing nothing more but following the party’s line. They create and build careers as useful tools.

Who should be in politics then? The indispensables.

These are people who are in politics because they are selfless and are making everyone one of us a favour. They are also people who are their own men or women, have a successful past behind them outside politics and don’t need politics to survive. Robert Arrigo for example is doing a great favour to the Nationalists just by staying on and providing a financial lifeline to the Party. If it wasn’t for him, most probably the Nationalists would be in deeper trouble financially. Then there is Chris Fearne who instead of giving the middle finger to Labour Party members after rejecting him for a  corrupt tool, stayed on to manage the pandemic. Chris Fearne can make much more money working in his private practice rather than coping with infantile idiots at Castille, and he doesn’t need €28,000 a month in government contracts to increase his wealth.




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