Someone should start checking these numbers

Energy Minister Miriam Dalli hasn’t told us how will she buy our next round of energy supply for the next five years as she is keener to promote her vision for a green future. If my estimate is correct her plan is to power up 50,000 homes with solar panels and wind turbines by 2030. However, she doesn’t say how this will be done either, especially with regards to the fact that supposedly all these solar panels are not going to be built on agricultural land. Apparently, you need thousands of solar panels to generate one-megawatt of energy.

Here is the crux though. Most of the agricultural land in Malta is not actually being used for agricultural purposes. Most of it is lying unused as agriculture is no longer economically feasible in Malta. I am unaware of the technicalities used by the planning authority which define what is agricultural land.

So, the question is, where are going to put all of Miriam Dalli’s solar panels if not in what previously used to be agricultural land?

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