Too high to read, too dumb to legislate

Malta’s chief lobbyist for cannabis legalization has today said that the latest legal reforms by the government to partially decriminalize marijuana are still discriminatory and ambiguous. His comments came just after Dr Andrew Agius, a medical doctor, was arraigned to court over marijuana trafficking in what was probably one of the heaviest-handed police actions under Angelo Gafa’s tenure. The police are also asking for a revocation of his medical licence.

I’m baffled by the irresponsibility of Andrew Bonnello and the legislators who conjured this mess. These people have not only ruined the career and the finances of a medical doctor, but they have also lied about a reform that clearly doesn’t work. If Owen Bonnici, the Minister who led this reform had any decency, he would have apologised to the doctor being arraigned along with promising to solve this mess. No one has so far apologised to this person. David Bonnello has been celebrating this law as a step forward along with Owen Bonnici and Rosianne Cutajar who led its drafting, and now he is telling us that the law has problems. No shit. A person’s life has been ruined by the incompetence of our politicians and their ingratiating tools who are used as electoral props.

The best thing Labour got out of this law is that it successfully lied its way to the young generations by promising them decriminalisation of marijuana. No care at all about the implications and consequences on the lives of others.

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