Plundering the nation in the middle of an inflationary crisis

We are in the middle of the worst inflationary crisis in Europe since the 1970s with a ballooning public deficit and hundreds of millions of Euros in subsidies spent to cushion the impacts of the Covid pandemic and the Russian war in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Robert Abela and his ministers raid the public coffers and spend public money on ridiculous projects to appease special interest groups such as with a €20 million race-track in prime industrial land.

Imagine five more years of this when our country desperately needs mature and responsible leaders to address multiple crises. Don’t think we are just going to lose another five years with another Labour government. The damage to our public finances, our economy, the social fabric, and the rule of law will be so devastating that we would need many more years to recover from this outright banditry and total collapse of rule of law.

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