Changing your politics like changing your dates

Roselyn Borg Knight yesterday attended a Labour Party conference on mental health. Apparently, Deputy-Prime Minister Chris Fearne rounded up the Nationalists rejects and losers and propped them a little bit for his political campaign. Roselyn Borg Knight was one of the previous Nationalist election candidates who attended the conference. Previously she told us that she would not be contesting elections with the Nationalist Party to focus on her business career. What she didn’t tell you is that her current partner whom she is dating, Aaron Mifsud Bonnici, is a lawyer dedicated to defend sleazy Labour politicians and a regular recipient of generous public contracts. He was at various points in time lawyer to Konrad Mizzi and also to Justyne Caruna when they served as ministers.

Then there is that loser Mario Galea who is claiming he was discriminated against for his mental health issues. People like Mario Galea make me sick because they use mental health issues to further their cause and image. People with mental health conditions will be wary of speaking about their conditions not necessarily because it’s taboo because they don’t want you to judge them by their mental health. It is different if you are successful and you are your own person and you speak to people about your mental health conditions to champion their cause. This is not the case with Mario Galea. Mario Galea was a permanent secretary to corrupt minister John Dalli and he too is alleged to have been involved in bad behaviour, such as allegedly sending false letters to his boss John Dalli which supposedly harass him.

And there are mental health conditions and mental health conditions. If you are suicidal and depressed you shouldn’t be in politics and this is not discriminatory. I have no apologies for being harsh but this is the reality. People who are struggling with their mental health, have financial problems, or have family problems, shouldn’t be in politics. In addition, politics is not for people who can’t do anything else in life other than politics, although, unfortunately, that is the reality in Maltese politics and most of these idiots would starve to death had they not been rent-seekers. It is different if you have conditions such as autism which may not be a compromising factor to productivity. If you have mental health conditions and these make you look eccentric, but do not in any way hamper your skills and productivity, I would be very happy to champion your right to participate in politics and treat you like anyone else. But don’t try to make us pity you if you go into politics and begin to struggle with your mental health.

Politics is not Pity Ville but the space from where our leaders supposedly run the country. You can’t be a leader if you are struggling with yourself.

And before pretending you want to be an advocate for mental health issues just ask yourself whether people with mental health issues actually want you to speak for them.


  1. Il-valuri veri spiċċaw għal kollox. Fadal biss il-valur tal-flus. Jien lil Bprg Knight qatt ma fdajtha u m’nalla telqet man-naħa tal-korrotti.

  2. Yes so true and this also applies to those politicians who have an alcohol problem. They should not be in politics and have all around them protecting them.

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