Your vote costs €100. If you don’t agree you are a fascist.

The Labour Party issued its manifesto just a couple of days ago, barely two weeks before the election. There is no mention of Daphne Caruana Galizia, the restoration of rule of law, corruption in politics and rent-seeking. Everything is normal in Banana Fantasy Land. There is also no policy on the procurement of energy, but we have to contend with schemes that will supposedly make real the green energy pipe dream in some twenty or thirty years. Meanwhile, Robert Abela is sending each and every one of us a €100 cheque just days before the election to remind us how much he actually values our vote.

Your vote costs €100. If you don’t agree you are a fascist.

If you are a Labour activist or previous delegate and you don’t agree with this brazen charade of rent-seeking and crass incompetence you are a fascist according to Alfred Sant. Do you think that Edward Żammit Lewis and Rosianne Cutajar should go to jail for their criminal association with Yorgen Fenech and the bribes they took from him? You are a fascist. Here’s a question that should be asked to Alfred Sant. Given that the Labour Party has historically been the party of intellectuals and writers do you think it is only appropriate for it to commemorate Daphne Garuana Galizia? Or do you think that the Labour Party should take an authoritarian stand against writers and intellectuals by calling them fascists?

Imagine how much worse it is going to get when Labour wins the election and Robert Abela and the top Labour brass feels even more empowered to clamp down on free speech and dish out more favours to its friends in the construction industry. It’s going to be wild but not in a good way, and not to mention our international reputation which is going downhill.

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  1. Superb article. Your finger is completely on the pulse. I’m a relative newcomer to Malta, having arrived here only five years ago. I suspect that in the past I would probably have voted PN, not because I am a Nationalist, but only because I felt the PN always offered the best choice at a general election for Malta’s best interests. Here you and I disagree, but I respect your opinion, as I believe you to be sincere (a rare commodity these days). That said, I acknowledge that the PN, in the past, have been very far from corruption-free. Mercifully, some of the worst offenders (John Dalli, Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, Karl Stagno Navarra, Michael Farrugia, Robert Musumeci, Cyrus Engerer and several other pigs) buggered off to troughs that contained much fatter pickings) have been shown the door.

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