Smoke weed and live with your parents

Prime Minister Robert Abela has had dinner with Joseph Portelli just days after he gave him a mega permit to develop a set of agricultural land in Sannat Gozo into blocks of apartments.

We are supposed to believe that there are no coincidences according to the ex-government lawyer who worked at the Planning Authority earning up to €17,000 a month on legal fees for a job which today is done inhouse by the authority.

Joseph Portelli has officially registered he has given €7,000 to each political party, Labour and PN. Hilarious that Malta’s property tycoon is so poor. The overly-leveraged small businessman Sandro Chetcuti used to give out €50,000 in a single donation at the Labour Party quarters. How much bigger is Joseph Portelli than Sandro Chetcuti? Ten, twenty a hundred times bigger?

Are you young, free and ambitious in life? Are property prices too exuberant for your pay-cheque and no bank wants to give you a loan?

Don’t worry. Vote Labour, smoke weed and live with your parents.

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