Robert Abela: “We have purged all honest politicians in the Party”

I’ve written several times in my articles and Robert Abela genuinely and honestly believes that people believe his own dumb lies and contorted fantasies. Most of these lies verge on Orwellian rhetoric fitting of a tinpot dictator. His character is a toxic combination of arrogance, a sense of entitlement and crass idiocy. From the very beginning till today his career has been one hell of a rent-seeking ride with various corrupt practices along the way.

Robert Abela’s idiotic lies and twisted Orwellian discourses are a regular thing. Lately, when asked about Joe Debono Grech’s comments on the Labour Party being the “Good Thief”, Robert Abela literally said, that the Labour Party has renewed itself to disallow such discourse.

What Robert Abela really meant was “We have purged the Party from all honest politicians and those who remain are completely demoralised and under my full control. We do not allow anyone in the Party to say the truth and only my official idiotic and authoritarian bullshit is allowed”.

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