When you fuck it up and distort justice

Imagine being a political party in government and you put all your bets of your progressive credentials into legislation to decriminalise marijuana and the first thing that happens as soon as you pass the law, a medical doctor selling medical cannabis treatments gets arrested and hauled to court over trafficking marijuana.

At this stage, the collapse of rule of law is spiralling down so fast that it may look as if it is intentional. The question should be asked why did the police move in so forcefully on a medical doctor as soon as the law was passed? Shouldn’t the police and the experts at the AG office warn the legislator that such a thing would happen before actually passing the bill from parliament? Or is everyone going totally insane?

One thing is for sure. If Angelo Gafa and Victoria Buttigieg can meticulously arraign and terrorise a doctor by asking the court to take away his medical license simply for doing his job, why wouldn’t they do the equivalent to the host of politicians who has clearly and explicitly been involved in corruption and even worse behaviour?

We are indeed gradually becoming a Banana Republic with leaders and legislators who are worthy of nothing more than to be laughed at.

One thing is for sure. If the doctor wins the case he should sue the State for damages and resignations from the police force should follow. Our country deserves more accountability from our enforcers of justice in light of the fact that our country is expecting some form of true justice and not this carnivalesque show.



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