Fact: No new major cases under Angelo Gafa’s leadership

Police Commissioner, Angelo Gafa

Not making any judgement here, just stating facts. Angelo Gafa has been two years into his role as Commissioner of Police and so far he has brought to court no new major case of his own making. The John Dalli case is based on an investigation that was already mostly completed during John Rizzo’s days. Then there is the case against Keith Schembri and Adrian Hilman over the Progress Press fraud which was based on a magisterial inquiry started even before Angelo Gafa became commissioner.

So far, Angelo Gafa has made no new breakthroughs that bear his name.

Two years in and counting.

By the way, why on earth does Angelo Gafa has a LinkedIn page?  And with a host of investigators following him, too. Why do police investigators and the police commissioner need a LinkedIn page?  I assumed that LinkedIn is a networking site to find job opportunities. What kind of police commissioner looks for job opportunities on LinkedIn?

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