Miriam Dalli tells us what we already know

So, today Energy Minister Miriam Dalli was questioned about Malta’s energy policy while she was in her constituency announcing a public project just days before election (you don’t say?). Journalists asked her the obvious questions, such as what is going on with Malta’s energy policy and how our energy supply will be affected due to the current Russian war on Ukraine. Miriam Dalli told us what we know already: we don’t buy gas from Russia, we buy gas from Azerbaijan. She also said that Malta is going ahead in building a gas pipeline with Sicily which will connect Malta to the European gas network. These politicians think in terms of simple talking points. The problem right now is Russia. We don’t buy gas from Russia = No problem.

She didn’t say anything about where and how will we procure supplies for the next five years. She said that her team monitors closely the gas price. I’m sure they do that – probably at awe looking at the charts not knowing what to do next.  Also, there was no mention of the policy and direction of our energy purchase for the future. Europe is currently in a dilemma on how to source its energy and become independent from the energy sourced from Russia. Miriam doesn’t understand that it is not just Russia that is the problem – the whole world is scrambling for energy independence as it is dawning on everyone that the West can’t rely on warring dictators for its energy supplies. We, on the other hand, are still focused on the village.

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