The ass will always think other animals are stupid like it

Recently, Julia Farrugia the Minister of Mechanisms patronised PN candidate Julie Zahra for being an artist and a singer. She did it in a very arrogant manner in order to exhibit to as many people possible her strong sense of importance and oustanding intelligence. In the middle of the debate, Julia Farrugia, sighed, closed her eyes took another breadth and perspired all the hot and important air of her self-important head while blurting out “we are not singing on a stage here”.

Let me tell you some things which will expose the sheer stupidity, arrogance and dictatorial nature of people like Julia Farrugia.

Julie Zahra is a self-made woman. She is a music teacher, an established artist and a winner in a life which beat her down constantly and repeatedly, especially when at the young age of 13, Zahra lost her mother to a brain tumour. On the other hand, Julia Farrugia is the daughter of 1980s Labour thug, Il-Botom, and was hired by Saviour Balzan as a full-time propagandist for his pro-leaning Labour rag Illum. She may have been a Super ONE propagandist as well, but I am not certain of this. I don’t watch Super ONE.

The difference between these two women is schismatic. One is a woman who made a career in her life by simply ingratiating with her masters, while the other is a woman of her own with her own history and career that is independent of political ingratiation and rent-seeking.

Julia Farrugia was Minister of Tourism responsible for re-opening Malta in the middle of a pandemic in Summer 2020 in order to support publicly-sponsored events organisers. After the botched re-opening with her so-called mechanisms, having already humiliated herself and our country with her idiotic performance on the BBC, a new wave of infections started and the country had to be closed again as a result. Despite serious corruption allegations in the Malta Tourism Authority, she never took any action and the MTA is today renowned as a checking point for favours to Labour donors also thanks to her.

Apart from Robert Abela, if there is a politician in the cabinet who symbolises sheer stupidity and tolerance to rent-seeking and corruption is Julia Farrugia. She doesn’t understand this though because she is a total idiot, yet feels entitled to patronise artists. The propagandist who has always experienced privileged and status thanks to her ticker in the Labour Party will find it very difficult to understand the value of people who don’t have a big daddy backing them.

The ass will always think that other animals are stupid like it.

Vote them out.



  1. Julia tried to ridicule Julie, however it backfired big time in her arrogant face. Julia has shown her true colours as an arrogant and disrespectful as$h*le

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