No idea what they are doing

The Labour Party is so void of vision and so oblivious of what to actually do for the country that it is coming up with its electoral manifesto late even less than twenty days close to election day. You would expect the Labour Party to have had a manifesto ready to be launched as soon as the Prime Minister announced an election, but for them, it’s not even important or a priority to have a vision for the country: the most important thing is to govern, conveniently and assuredly that they will win the next election because that is all that matters.

In a world that is on the brink of World War Three, our rent-seeking regime is trudging forward with village politics style, throwing money at problems and marketing propaganda without any substance. Energy Minister, Miriam Dalli, had a propaganda piece published on Illum last Sunday which simply regurgitated what Miriam has been saying all along – we are building an interconnector with Sicily and we will go carbon-neutral by 2050. And that’s it. That’s their solution. No mention that Europe is in the biggest energy crisis since the 1970s. No mention on what position we will take in Europe with regards to the proposed European common energy gas policy and what is Malta’s position on this. There is nothing on our energy purchase for the next five years. And there are many more questions.  These people live in their own bubble. Don’t assume that just because Miriam was in Brussels, she has a basic grasp of world affairs – Brussels is another bubble that has partly got Europe into the current energy disaster we are facing. These people literally don’t understand the complex problems we are going through today and believe they will cut it out in the next five years by playing the village politicians. We will bear the consequences of their actions because the government will still pay for their salaries.

Their behavior with regards to the golden passport scheme was shockingly revealing of their recklessness. They keep defending the golden passport scheme when this scheme will inevitably be closed, showing clearly they have learnt nothing about selling passports to Russian oligarchs after they were forced to stop the practice. They see for example no national security risks with Chinese oligarchs buying passports given the rapidly changing context of today’s geopolitical order. They live in the village, but I have this theory that eventually life always catches up with you. Maybe it’s because I was with Bormla Scouts when I was a youngster and they used to tell us to “be prepared”. These idiots are prepared for nothing other than their press conferences.

And can you imagine how worse off we will be with issues separate from the greylisting by the FATF if we keep harbouring Russian assets? These people have absolutely no idea what they are doing and what’s going on in the world right now.


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