Allow me to clarify some things

My Facebook post was reported by the Anti-Mark Camilleri Club.

Every so often, my haters gather together to bitch about my evil and corruption. Most of these losers are publicly paid government employees, full-time criminals, rent-seekers, academics and high-ranking politicians. My haters consist of the same kind of insufferable psychopaths who used to read and listen to poems about the suffering of Palestinians in literary festivals but would then dehumanise Daphne Caruana Galizia after she was murdered by analysing academically her dichotomous and divisive nature in society in order to contradict the narrative that she was a hero. These are the idiots who never produced anything of value in their lives, those that depend on rent-seeking for jobs and promotions, the publicly-paid lackeys, and the academics who have never had anything interesting to say and publish. One of them recently reported my Facebook post because they deemed it offensive.

These losers will, of course, say a lot of things about me out of spite and I am the subject of many ridiculous accusations and fantasies as a result. I have never felt compelled to take these idiots seriously, but for the sake of those who have discovered my website recently, I will clarify some things about myself by replying to some of the accusations these losers will often regurgitate on social media and to themselves behind closed doors.

I am paid by the Nationalists

Some top Labour Party officials and MPs have this conspiracy theory that I am being bankrolled by the Nationalist Party. You got to be kidding me?! The Nationalists didn’t even buy a copy of my NFT when it came out, let alone fund me. These losers actually believe that intellectuals can’t live off independently unless they form part of the local academic rent-seeking network at the University of Malta.

Admittedly, it wasn’t easy for me, and there was a moment when I thought I wasn’t going to cut it by myself at the same time I was exiting my public office, mainly because I had coincidentally lost a lot of money on some bad decisions I made. Yet, even in those circumstances, I figured out how to resolve things by myself. The truth is that technically I have enough assets to sell everything and retire and live like a British ex-pat on the beach. Instead, I am leveraging myself to build something for myself which can leave a positive impact on society and make up for the years I dedicated to public service. This website for example doesn’t get me any money, and I don’t intend to make money from it. My books make me enough money and if I just stick with them, I wouldn’t need to do anything else in my life other than drinking mojitos on a Caribbean beach.

I have a blog and I want to be Malta’s next Daphne, but I’m not as good as her.

Daphne was a journalist because she liked journalism and excelled at writing journalistic pieces. Before joining the government as an executive, I was a writer and a journalist because I was also an activist. Then I stopped writing because I joined the government as an executive. Today, I’m in journalism because I have an axe to grind, and also because it’s something I have a good grasp of because I also did it in the past. I have been very clear from the beginning that I started writing again about politics on my website because I have an axe to grind and not because this is my calling. Seriously, how more transparent can I be about this? I have devoted eight years of my life to public service and more years to the Labour Party only to be humiliated by a Minister and a Permanent Secretary who were forced to resign over corruption allegations. I was a very successful government executive and eight years of my life were crushed along with my career by irresponsible people who should have never been in power in the first place.

Another thing. I’ve been blogging and writing about politics for many years before some of these kids even knew who Daphne was. I used to write for the press too and I also had my own regular Sunday column on It-Torċa before blogs and websites were a thing. Back then, Daphne was our competitor, politically and in publishing. In my latest book, “A Rent Seeker’s Paradise” I explain how we related and viewed Daphne in those days. We admired Daphne and lauded her success and she was an inspiration to many people in the publishing industry. Today, she is surely a hero and a martyr. Now let me reassert my thoughts here so that no one has any misconceptions about what I think. If Daphne was in an afterlife and was reading my blog, I’m sure she wouldn’t like it. She would probably like to read something else. And I would be very happy with that too.

In addition, allow me to make this very clear. Even though I have an axe to grind, it doesn’t mean I will go out of my way to change my ideas to get back at my enemies and rivals. My thoughts and my positions have always been consistent and I have never felt I needed to make an effort to form my positions according to my principles although I am always open to learning. I was saying the same things I am saying today before I was dishonourably discharged.

So why do you continue blogging if this is not your calling? Haven’t you had your revenge now, with the previous bosses who fired you ending up being fired themselves? And let’s face it. You are never going to get even with Robert Abela. He’s by far bigger than you. He’s the Prime Minister of Malta and the Labour Party Leader FFS. Give it up bro, take it to the Caribbean and just chill out.

Just take a look at the statistics of the website as soon as I started writing about Maltese politics again on a regular basis. They are insane. I feel that I would be very irresponsible to say, IDGAF, this is not making me any money and I quit. Stuff it, readers. Go read MataToday instead.

You, readers, have given me a huge responsibility here. I would feel terrible about myself if I turned my back on you, but at the same time, I also need to take care of myself and ensure that I keep doing what I need to do.

This is why I am currently working with an IT expert to upgrade my website and eventually hire a team of sales executives to bring in sources of revenue. With the revenue that I create from the website, I would like to hire content editors and journalists who would create even more content for the website. I’m not interested to make profits from my website, but I am interested to make it self-sustainable to the extent that it wouldn’t need me to keep producing and existing.

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