They don’t care

There is a very good reason why Evarist Bartolo, today met the Russian Diplomat in Malta entrusted with promoting Russian culture. It’s also the same reason why Malta was forced to shut down its passport sales to Russians, and also the reason why the government has no problem with the same Russian oligarchs who bought Maltese passports to bring their assets to Malta. They simply don’t care.

Evarist Bartolo naively thinks that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is a conflict like many others which has to be resolved diplomatically. These people have lost their sense of reality and are totally oblivious of the fact that the West right now is in a long-term and permanent economic disengagement from Russia. After staunchly defending the passport sales to Russian oligarchs, the Maltese government now thinks it is appropriate that Malta will be used as a storage for the assets of rich Russian oligarchs while other European governments are clamping down on these assets. Meanwhile, Evarist Bartolo, the Foreign Minister, thinks it is a very good idea to meet a low-level diplomat (Varist meeting the Russian cultural diplomat is like meeting the Chairman of the Book Council of another country), of a State which is currently waging a war on its European neighbour whilst threatening nuclear and total war against the West. They have completely lost their sense of reality to the extent that they have even forgotten how to do their jobs and how to follow the most basic protocol and procedures.

Robert Abela and Evarist Bartolo don’t seem to care if Malta ruins its international reputation and we get blacklisted because of their stupidity. They will still have their salaries and they will print another round of €100 cheques to make you happy.

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