The Mafia is out in force for the 2022 election

Joseph Muscat is successfully hanging on to some power through his proxies and allies and he has no shame in humiliating them by using them as shields to cover his own sullied reputation. Under the pretence of supporting friends in politics, Joseph Muscat is joining them on the campaign trail. Rosianne Cutajar, the Minister who was bribed by Yorgen Fenech is one of them. The other one is Justice Minister Edward Żammit Lewis who was also bribed with holiday gifts (what we know so far) and conspired with Yorgen Fenech.

Do you remember when Robert Abela complained about a pact with the devil when allegedly Ian Borg was touted as Deputy-Leader? Robert Abela intends to make Rosianne Cutajar minister once again because she is a popular tool of Joseph Muscat’s cabal.




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