The curious case of the police inspector who got passed over

Mary Muscat is a police inspector and an academic who applied to become police commissioner after the corrupt police commissioner Lawrence Cutajar resigned. She was passed over for Angelo Gafa, the preferred Labour police candidate who was previously appointed CEO of the police corps by the Joseph Muscat administration.
Muscat made headlines recently when she penned an article for the Times arguing that the so-called raid of Joseph Muscat’s house was not a raid at all. Now, Muscat is contesting for elections on the PN ticket on the 3d district (the Mista district).

Muscat may have very idealistic reasons why she is contesting elections. She may be one of the police officers who may feel that not enough is being made by the police force to enforce the law on corrupt politicians and bring about full justice to Daphne Caruana Galicia. I may interview her soon if none of the major newspapers takes the initiative in doing it. I think she may have very interesting things to say.

Angelo Gafa’s term is soon coming to an end and so far, he has disappointed a lot of people for failing to take any action on corruption and alleged cases of serious illegalities in the public service. Gafa seems to use an iron fist when it comes to drugs, so strong in fact, that its collateral damage is excessive and probably misguided and reckless too, but he surely does not apply the same force over the Joseph Muscat cabal and the endless list of corrupt cases that have been exposed. Strangely enough, Gafa has recently demoted one of his top police investigators after he resolved a case of a man sending threatening letters to Jason Azzopardi (PN) and Robert Aquilina (Repubblika). Gafa is very close to having his benefit of the doubt window closing down by expiry, and such a demotion adds to the suspicion. Is Gafa just a preferred Labour appointee ensuring that he keeps the peace by not rattling the criminals in politics? We can not keep guessing for long about this, and Gafa needs to act decisively in order to win the public trust. You can’t keep playing the guessing game for perpetuity.

Now, back to Mary Muscat. I would like to believe that Mary Muscat thinks that the police can do much more to bring corrupt politicians and bureaucrats to justice, however, the need to have people like Mary Muscat in power for the moment is only to ensure the restoration of rule of law and a return to normality. This is the main argument that I made in my political position. Mary Muscat is of the old conservative social mould of society with a literal farming background. She has staunch conservative views and is also against abortion and women’s right to choose. And, Mary Muscat should very well understand that our country’s priority right now is to fight criminality in politics and restore rule of law and not reminiscence on past and outdated ideas out of pure selfish idealism.

Basically – this is why we need five years of a PN government and not ten years. After five years of restoration, the PN can not be allowed to bring us back to the Middle Ages, unless the PN realizes, that on its outdated religious views, it is fighting a losing battle.


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  1. What you call outdated religious views formed the ethics of life. The correct ones. There are Ten guidelines in these ethics. The first three are about how to have a functional organisation. The other seven are about proper social relations. These have been targeted as old fashioned. Look were we are. Stealing the nations coffers and sleeping with the neighbours wife is all fine and dandy. Putin killing a nation because he dreams of becoming the new God in Russia is allowed because fighting for the truth is old fashioned.

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