So, Clayton Bartolo lied to me

I’ve taken a bit of a break from writing on these clowns given that there is war in Europe, but today it’s Carnival so I might as well revisit them.

In my book “A Rent-Seeker’s Paradise”, I write about the psychology and the history of Labour Ministers who used their positions to indulge in their desires, namely Owen Bonnici and Chris Cardona. I explain how these people had very boring and mundane lives as teenagers and young adults and power gave them a window to a world they had never experienced and which bestowed upon them status and opportunities. In this newfound world of status and power, these men found the courage to indulge in many of their suppressed desires for the very first time. The ego boost which they experienced whilst entering this new world of power, changed them completely and they practically became different men. Entering a restaurant and feeling important amidst society, getting all that attention, being chauffeured in limos and having the power to fire and hire made these people feel all too important. They both had one thing in common: they both left their wives of many years and found new younger women and went on a sex and party spree for the first time in their lives. Power didn’t just make them evil, it also made them childish again, infantile, and even more stupid.

We have discovered another case of this type of loser who uses politics to change his life. It is Clayton Bartolo, who apparently lied to me about leaving his wife very recently to find someone younger and more attractive. Clayton Bartolo was filmed celebrating his birthday party in the office of his ministry with his new girlfriend, whom he also employed in his secretariat. They also got him Malta’s previous Eurovision singer to sing at his party.

I find the act of a man leaving his wife to find someone more attractive when he achieves political success as a major red flag and an indication of a man who is in politics exclusively to extend his status, power and indulge in his desires. Clayton has no shame of this character trait of his so much so, he has no problem partying in his public office with his girlfriend that he employed in his own ministry.

It’s all normal in the rent-seeking paradise. The Ministry of Tourism is the Labour Party’s checking point for public subsidies to Labour Party donors and Clayton Bartolo’s role is only to ensure that this rent-seeking boat sails safely. Just recently, the Ministry of Tourism has splashed away €2 million on a fake film award ceremony (there were no actual awards) to pay for the Labour Party election campaign. 

It’s of course because these people have no shame or gravitas and don’t even understand the basic concept of public service. They serve only themselves. A bunch of losers who would starve to death had they not received the backing of the government and would have been completely irrelevant and unknown hadn’t they been in politics. Politics and public service for these people is only a way to extend their status, power and desires. They are like amateur brigands whose only power depends on the mere fact of sending cheques by post to people and distributing public resources to friends.  And they act in their profession in the same way they act in their private lives: selfish, egoistic and infantile.

And of course, don’t expect the Ministry of Tourism’s help with the Ukrainian crisis. 

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