Treachery starts from the village

Prime Minister Robert Abela has today stated that he won’t revoke the passports of Russian oligarchs who bought their Maltese passports through the golden passport scheme. He said that not all Russians are criminals.

By now, we already know very well Robert Abela’s playbook – it’s a textbook of a village politician who lies and plays theatre while hiding his true intentions. He has learnt nothing from our political crisis of 2019 so he will eventually have to learn historical hubris the hard way once he leaves power.  Having been raised as a village lawyer, Robert Abela can’t understand the world and by that extension can’t understand how our country works in the first place. Sure, he is a successful rent-seeker thanks to the grace of his father, the ex-President, but that doesn’t mean he understands the mechanics of how the resources in our country are generated and distributed. The world of Maltese rent-seeking which dwells mostly in the construction industry and the property magnates who are connected with Labour, is distinct from the economic reality of our society which is mostly based on the flow of foreign capital coming in.

Robert Abela can’t understand why revoking Maltese passports to Russian oligarchs is necessary and he won’t. He is literally unable to comprehend the national security aspect behind it. He is also incapable of understanding the difference between a Russian oligarch and an ordinary Russian national. In Malta we have a Russian community but Russian oligarchs don’t form part of it. Russian oligarchs are so because they have the backing of their government so by default they can be used as Russian government proxies. This is why President Biden has set up a task force to hunt down Russian oligarchs who have overseas assets to unravel their wealth and block them from the Western financial system: Robert Abela will be giving protection to these Russian oligarchs who will be hunted down by the US authorities by giving them a Maltese passport.

Just recently, the Finance Minister Clyde Caruana was all so cocky about being absolutely sure that Malta will be getting out of the FATF grey list. Good luck with that. While the world is disengaging Russia from the Western financial system, Robert Abela is openly and publicly flaunting Maltese passports as a way to flaunt sanctions on Russia.

At this stage, this level of recklessness is no longer excused by stupidity and corruption: this is treachery. Our leaders are literally compromising our national security and the state of our financial and economic status in the Western world. We have to vote these treacherous brigands out of power.

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  1. Although I agree with you it’s very wrong to sell citizenship to the highest bidder I’m not comfortable that you are normalising the role of the US as a world government with jurisdiction over the entire planet, while they refuse to answer to their own war crimes, have incarcerated a foreign journalist for revealing their war crimes and are guilty of much harsher atrocities in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia and countless other countries. What gives them the right to enjoy their own yachts and mansions while confiscating others’?

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  1. Come to think of it. We are fucked. – Mark Camilleri

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