Infantile politics will be gone or we will be damned

There was a time when the world was at peace and we could afford to be run by infantile men and women who patronise us with lies and bullshit from their positions of power. There was a time when it appeared that these people were harmless and their good intentions would transcend most of their infantile stupidity.

That time is over. We no longer afford to have clowns and infants running our country. This goes for good-intentioned people like Evarist Bartolo who think that the political theatrics of twenty years ago are still valid and acceptable today, and of course, it also applies to the idiot who calls himself and pretends to be our Prime Minister. Sure, Robert Abela can buy out many votes by sending cheques, granting development permits and carving out public to specific interest groups, but as people become ever more literate and educated and come to understand what’s going on in the world, they will be ever more conscious of the importance of having honest adults in power who have enough integrity to do the right thing as opposed to having infantile politicians doing theatre for what they think is appropriate for them and their short-term interests. The logical fallacies, the lies, the patronisation of critics, the convoluted statistics, the best in Europe slogans, all of that shit and more will weigh down on these idiots for the years to come and will push them down into the dustbin of history where we throw all those reckless and irresponsible politicians who lied their way through and disowned the realities of their country and the world.  And this is also why, despite the fact that Robert Abela may get a majority of votes, there will still be at least half of the populace who will never accept that this child of a man can ever represent them in any way or form.

The position of our government and our prime minister over the sale of golden passports to rich non EU-nationals proves exactly my point that Robert Abela, Evarist Bartolo and the band of merry drunken actors in the cabinet are totally unfit for purpose and will drag the country into the abyss.

It is ever more becoming clear that we are entering into a long-term and permanent economic disengagement from Russia in order to contain and stop its aggressive imperialist stance. President Biden made it clear that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is a pariah on the international stage and as of yesterday, it has been decided that the Russian Central Bank will be totally disengaged from the Western financial system. Therefore, it would be appropriate for our government in these new historic conditions to scrap altogether the golden passport scheme, not only out of a matter of principle so as not to allow Russian oligarchs and their allies to circumvent sanctions, but also because this scheme is now a serious security and national risk to our country and our economy. Robert Abela doesn’t understand this: he wants to keep the scheme and thinks it is ok as long as he does “due diligence”.

Yesterday, a private plane left Moscow, landed on Cyprus and then came to Malta. The plane then left for Montenegro.  Obviously, Russian oligarchs holding Maltese passports will use it to circumvent sanctions and act as if they are Maltese all the while using the protection of the Maltese state for their activities. While most of these Russians will probably be investigated by the latest task force announced by the White House, our Maltese state will be giving them all the legal protections that Maltese citizens enjoy. In our national security interest, all the Russians who bought Maltese passports should have their Maltese passports rescinded and the golden passports scheme shut down immediately. Robert Abela and Evarist Bartolo will never understand the seriousness of the situation – they will patronise you all the while being oblivious that they are wrecking our country with their irresponsibility.

Vote them out. This is no time to have children in the seat of power.

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