Bernard Grech comes out against passport sales to Russians

Nationalist Party leader, Bernard Grech has come out against the sale of Maltese passports to Russians. This is not enough as the scheme should be scrapped altogether, but it is an obvious and logical step forward, especially when compared to the Prime Minister’s excuse that selling passports to Russians is ok as long we do due diligence.

Under today’s new historical conditions, no due diligence would ever stop proxies of dictators to penetrate the European financial system through a Maltese passport and any simple-minded person with an average amount of intelligence will be able to understand this. We have a Prime Minister who is not only detached from the reality of life and the world we live in but also an idiotic buffoon, completely oblivious to the meaning and implications of the things he says. Several of the Russians who bought Maltese passports had serious problems with law enforcement abroad over their financial activities, and one of them was even suspected of buying properties in Finland that were used by the Russian security services.

Bernard Grech is an adult in the room and someone whom we can oppose on matters of principle, in contrast to the current Prime Minister whom I oppose for wrecking the country out of sheer idiocy, spite and infantile disorder. One of the strange things I find, however in the Nationalist Party is its lack of ideological zeal in opposing the passport sales scheme. One would expect a party called the Nationalist Party to actually have a nationalist stance on the citizenship status of its nation and oppose in principle the sale of passports.

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