Squatting with big daddy

Around ten days ago I pointed out how Robert Abela took over a lease of a government apartment in Valletta for three years for just €3,000. The lease has expired and Robert Abela is basically using the apartment free of charge. After the Times of Malta reported this story, Robert Abela proceeded to remove the name sign from the apartment.

Robert Abela has been occupying the apartment from the government free of charge along with his father, the previous president George Abela, who was the original law-firm partner with Ian Stafrace. George and Robert owned 50% each of the shares of the lease of the apartment after Ian Stafrace gave up his share to Robert for €3,000. This is a stark reminder of how Robert grew with a sense of entitlement: someone who believes that he can get anything under the shadow of his father’s status. Daphne Caruana Galizia already had this perspective of him when Robert was still a bażużlu for MEPA. Robert’s wife, Lydia also benefited greatly from George Abela’s gravy train tapping into multiple government contracts as well.

The Abelas are like our own royal family. They live off public funds, they rule the country like a dynasty and impose their own authoritarian ways, however by democratic vote. Their success simply lies in public financing too – literally giving out cheques to people and pumping the economy with public funds. It’s very typical of a French dynasty where everything is good until the money runs out.

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