How to become a rogue state

Charles Farrugia (it-Tikka) who facilitated Rosianne Ctuajar’s bribe. Photo credit: James Bianchi,  MaltaToday.

Robert Abela is quite open and explicit in his attack on the rule of law. After promising Rosianne Cutajar a ministry once she gets elected into Parliament, Rosianne entered the election campaign screaming and shouting of her absolute loyalty to her dear leader. By now, we know that Rosianne has no respect for herself. She has also become Labour’s deserving symbol of the lumpenproletariat that publicly ingratiates with their masters while begging for some crumbs.The Prosit Ministru mascot.

However, what is seriously jarring and damaging about her candidature is that Robert Abela is circumventing the spirit of rule of law by handing over the power of justice to the electorate instead of allowing a justice system to execute and operate appropriately. Rosianne Cutajar, after having been bribed to the tune of €50,000 by Yorgen Fenech, with whom she also had an intimate relationship, has so far evaded justice. The Prime Minister said explicitly that it is the people who will judge Rosianne Cutajar.  Robert is showing us consistently that he is against the restoration of rule of law and the cover-up of Labour politicians at every step of the way. It is consistent with his position against the introduction of laws that would criminalize the association of politicians with criminals.

There are no holds barred in a downward spiral of political standards impunity where politicians who should be in court for their crimes are instead contesting elections and becoming ministers again. We are on a roadmap for sure, but in becoming a rogue state.

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