A textbook case of an abuser: creating problems and then getting credit for solving them


The cancellation of the building of a yacht marina in Marsascala is a textbook case of an abusive practice whereas the abuser first abuses you and creates a problem for you and then gets the credit for removing this problem.

Suddenly, it seems Robert Abela is no longer obliged as he told us before to execute the projects of the Nationalist government of 15 years ago in the local plan. Incredible how government policy changes so radically on the eve of general elections

Would Robert Abela at least try and attempt and make his deception, abuse his lies and his manipulation a bit less obvious to everyone?

Robert, recently said something on the lines (it was completely out of context but he managed to say it somehow) that he doesn’t fire the people with whom he disagrees, yet this is the first thing he did with many people in the Labour Party and government including me personally. I have direct experience with Robert Abela’s purges. When Robert Abela entered office, he declined outright my offer to meet him (it was still a time when we gave him the benefit of the doubt), all the while he was meeting potential candidates for the general election (most of them declined his offers). I was then fired several times over, retained my post thanks to the support of my stakeholders, until I was finally forced to leave by simply not having my contract renewed. I spent eight years of public service and built a public entity myself and my public career ended with a corrupt minister and her permanent secretary (later fired over corruption) and all I was told to leave was to “get out and hand over the keys”. As my replacement, they found a useful tool specifically with my own name in order to humiliate my legacy as they stripped down the public entity I built out of pure spite and toxic hatred (more on this another time).

Robert Abela is also going to re-introduce criminal libel with a two-year jail term and a fine of up to €30,000.

Pay attention to what they do not what they say.

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