Keith Schembri’s PN informants

Arthur Azzopardi leaked stories about the PN to Keith Schembri.

There are PN members, delegates, activists and MPs who have met and spoken to Keith Schembri more than any average Labour delegate. And by speaking to I don’t mean having a nice chat over coffee in Valletta, but scheming and conspiring against the PN itself. Back when I was in Labour, my friends and I joked about Keith Schembri having more friends in PN than he had in Labour.

Keith Schembri directed his staff at the OPM to support Adrian Delia’s bid for PN leader and used the Labour Party’s media to constantly support Adrian Delia and attack his opponents within PN. Keith also had a host of PN informants who fed him information on PN and leaked stories. One of his informants was Arthur Azzopardi.

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