The conservative coloumn of the PN is getting purged

Carmelo Mifsud-Bonnici: last man standing.

The Nationalist Party is saying that several of its MPs are bowing out of politics and not contesting the next elections, however, the real story is that the conservative column of the PN is getting purged and Chris Peregin its chief strategist is pushing new candidates with progressive ideas to renew the party. The MPs who are bowing out are Claudio Grech, Kirsty Debono, Mario Galea, Herman Schiavone and Clyde Puli. Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici another conservative stalwart has so far refused to bow out from the election race. After Carmelo bows out, only their leader, Adrian Delia would be left standing. Then there is Edwin Vassallo but no one takes him seriously.

If the PN gets this right, it may very well attract the youth within its fold who by default would replace the conservative ideas of their peers. However, PN will also have to deal with the potential fall-out of losing elections and its conservative column coming back for blood and revenge.

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