The elephant in the room

Attorney-General to the Mafia, Victoria Buttigieg
The elephant in the room: Attoreny-General Victoria Buttigieg

One of the biggest questions still lingering after the 2019 political crisis is why Victoria Buttigieg? Last week Philip Galea Farrugia, a past contender for the post of Attorney-General and also a lawyer in the AG office has testified in court saying that not all suspects of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder have been arraigned in court.

Victoria Buttigieg is being called to resign by NGO Repubblika and the Nationalist Party after she made a botched deal with an alleged criminal who was supposed to testify against further accomplices in the HSBC heist and whom Jason Azzopardi is claiming to be Labour MPs.

Victoria Buttigieg was deputy to Attorney General Peter Grech during the Joseph Muscat administration. In her role back then she had signed away Konrad Mizzi’s executive power which bypassed parliament to sign the Electrogas deal, and also defended the role of the corrupt cop and husband to Justyne Caruana, Silvio Valletta in Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder investigation.

There’s also a very interesting aspect to this story. Philip Galea Farrugia is being attacked in public by the acolytes of Yorgen Fenech who are waging a misinformation war on his behalf.

However, actions speak louder than words so don’t take my word for it. Victoria’s Buttigieg’s inaction has been startling. As of now, no current or previous minister or member of the Joseph Muscat administration has been arraigned in court over corruption charges.

Meanwhile, as the inaction is prolonged further, the window of the benefit of the doubt on the AG and the Police Commissioner is closing soon as the anger of many citizens to this inaction keeps growing.

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