DDE Limited should pay for Ajay Shrestha’s funeral and transport

The Nepalese community in Malta is raising funds for Ajay Shrestha’s family. They need the money to transport his body to Nepal and pay for the funeral.

At this stage, if we want to see some decency in this story, the owner of the truck which killed Ajay, DDE Limited should pay for Ajay’s transport and funeral.

That’s not going to happen, of course, because contractors like DDE Limited have got accustomed to widespread impunity when it comes to crime and negligence in Malta’s hard industries. Just recently, a contractor and an architect walked out of court with community service for killing a woman in her own home.

Indeed, if the truck was not properly serviced and the truck driver was not licensed (as unconfirmed reports say), DDE Limited should also be made fully liable for this incident along with the driver.

Those of us who ride bikes in Malta’s streets know very well about the recklessness and lawlessness of truck driving in Malta. Ajay’s death should be the opportunity to stand up to this lawlessness and draw a line – after all, it is our lives we are talking about.

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